Thank the Lord for a beautiful day

See? I knew this day was going to be a lovely day! The clouds look like fluffy white pillows, the ocean so clear, clean, and shiny.  The birds singing (not shown here lol) and absolutely a day to enjoy the outdoors.  The great beauty that is planet earth.  Thank the Lord for all life and his wonderful creation.

My manga girls feel a bit grateful today, because that was the mood I was in when I drew them.  I started thinking that my problems in life are not as big as I sometimes think they are. I was crying earlier today because I know there are people who are not so fortunate as me.  I have all my basic needs met, yet I always want more, and ask the Lord for them.  Then when I think about it, I ask to myself... Why? Compared to other people's problems mine are just so small. Instead of complaining I shall thank the Lord for his mercy on me.

This was going to be one person pic, the girl to the left, but I think 2 are better and fits better here.  Practice and more practice.  They are sexy manga girls which I enjoy drawing... Not as much coloring, but its the most important thing for letting people visualize your work.

These are just random character I created.
click image to see enlarged
there will be more art from me coming soon
thank you for the visits, and have an excellent day!

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