Fighting Girls - Shields Up Technique

The Shields up technique is very powerful!  Keep in mind that it is only defense, and has no offensive benefits!  Usually it will be used to prevent more damage from an opponent, and to run away, live to fight another day.  An alternative to being knocked out in a sense.

Shields up will require mental power, and that is why not so many fighting girls can use it.  An additional flaw to it, is that it will drain much energy as time passes by.  Not exceeding a minute shielding is recommended, otherwise fainting may occur.  As said before, Shields up is very powerful and super strong, but definitely not unbreakable.  This means that constant heavy blows can break it. or just one with the power of an battle tank bullet.  Yet those are extremely rare when it comes to fighting girls.  I still have yet to find someone with that kind of power.  

Art, and story by me
photoshop cs used for drawing edits
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