The Best Part Of My Dive Lessons

I hired a professional dive instructor, She is one hot redhead who was looking for students because she had been out of a job for so much, and she desperately needed the money.  Not so luckily for her, in the town where we live there are not many people interested in getting dive lessons.  I mean most of the folks are low budget when it comes to stuff like that.

I wanted to get to know my dive instructor, I mean she was single and she had quite a sexy figure.  Of course you could tell I was not so much interested in getting dive lessons but getting to know my teacher more deeply.  Perhaps she would accept me as a boyfriend?.  Fortunately for me, I was the one who could afford her services and proud to be her only student.  haha!

The course lasts for one month.  To this day it is my second week, and I can say I could have not spent my money more wisely.  She gives me all her attention.  Perhaps I am deluding myself in thinking the attention comes for being myself or maybe that is just her role as teacher.  Would she be the same to other students I wonder...

Well, Last Saturday we went to the big lake nearby... Only a few miles from her home.  Once there, she suggested we go climb the rocks and dive from the highest place possible to the lake.  The lake is very deep there and I was a little hesitant.  I mean, I had never done something like that.

We did reach a high place on the rocks.  She then took off her clothing and was left only with her red bikini.  Wow! picture time, and its a good thing that I always carry around my trusty camera.  She then said it was my turn to take off my clothes and be left only with shorts.  So that was the easy part haha, but then she said that it was test time and wanted me to dive in first.

She said to put in practice what she had taught me for the last week.  I must admit that I was not ready for that.  Yet, I could have demonstrated to her that I am very brave, and go dive first.  But deep down inside I was shaking.  I then said I would dive after her, because ladies are always first.  Hahaha! my nice cowardly excuse worked.  She agreed!

As she was on her way down on her dive, I took a picture of her nice curvy body and caught a glimpse of her nice pedicured feet.  Yes, I am also very big on having a little foot and sole thing lol.  Hence the picture here.  I then went afterwards as I had promised, but quite honestly I don't think I did too good since the purpose of it was to go in the water in a vertical position, I however landed a bit sideways, on back.  Kinda hurted on impact with the water.  Well, I guess I still have more to learn.  Two more weeks and classes are over, but the way they are going I might want to hire her again for more..and who knows she could be my girlfriend I hope.

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