The Dancer And The Barbarian

I guess too much playing soulcalibur brings ideas to my head. Here is a scene where I did lots of work on the background. I do not consider myself a good background artist. I mainly focus on the characters themselves, but I am actually trying to get better at drawing backgrounds.

The story here: these two are part of my own original characters. Their names are unknown as of now. mainly it is a barbarian and a dancer(you can probably tell which one is which). They are friends and travel together from town to town. They depend on each other when they are on a quest to slay monsters and do other types of jobs by the townspeople. One thing to note is that the lady holding the sword does have strength, but not so overwhelming as to carry another person on it as we see here. The source of her super strength comes from the bracelet seen on left arm. A rare accessory she acquired from a wizard during her many adventures. While the dancer is quick on her feet and very agile, the barbarian is very strong and very skilled with the big sword. Here we just have them having fun and posing at a waterfall place, outside the town and probably thinking of bathing, thus they are in minimal clothing attire.

Please be sure to come back for more of my original drawings coming soon.

All the artwork seen here belongs to me.
please do not use without permission
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