Battle Sore Sonya

Another one of my OCs. After dealing with much sword fighting, the heroine feels a little sore. You could just see how tired and exhausted she is from her face expression.

I was not sure about her hair being pink. I had not plan it that way. I hope it looks fine, as for her costume, I was just going to leave it plain white and make her shoes black. I wonder how that would have looked, but I am constantly changing my mind.

She is a tall babe, in the side of good. She only fights against demons from other worlds that come invade earth. Her sword is very large to keep reach advantage over her foes. There is no blood spill when the monster die, they simply vanish when she slashes them. I had that plotted, but have not got much more details as of yet.

Click the image to view enlarged version. Thank you for visiting and viewing my art.

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