My First Batch Of Drawings Displayed

Took it a while ago. I tried to make the quality of the video somewhat nice. I rendered it using my 3d software and just placing the drawings in circular sequence. There are 7 drawings in this video, I will explain who they are:

1. From Cowboy bebop, it's Edward as kinda chibi form.

2. Original Character I call your average manga girl next door, I did for someone at Deviant Art.

3. Fan art of Cammy from Street Fighter Series, but with outfit somewhat similar to M. Bison.

4. Lady manga with Gun. Another of my O.C.s

5. Martial arts theme drawing featuring two girls fighting at the lake, but that is not Earth!!!

6. Another one fan art drawing. That is Harley Quinn from DC comics. She is just enjoying the summer or whatever is left of it, at the beach. I had to make something for her so that everyone would recognize, so her trade mask was kept on.

7. And finally is another of my original characters. I named Veronica. She seems like a warrior princess with what seems like a futistic shield. Sexy, yet deadly at the same time.

The drawings shown can all be found in this blog. I will soon add more videos when I get a chance. For now that is it. Take care you all and keep drawing! XD


plainolebob said...

Fantastic, fantastic, beautifully done

Awesome Sara said...

love love love love!!!!

Peter Richardson said...

Yes really lovely - great feeling of light and space and the figures are quite enchanting.