Gift For A Friend At Deviant Art

I call this piece "Unmasked". She goes by the name: Devilina as my friend gave her that name. A somewhat Halloween themed drawing, but very bright to say otherwise. Nothing much more to say about this drawing, except that I busted my butt trying to come up with a background. Its really an area I should explore more and should do much of. I think that is the only thing I prolly need for more pageviews. Well for all who may want to know Click here for my deviant art page. I hope you all like it.

I did the sketch, but quite looks different because I did plan to make with the masked on, but my friend suggested I should do without it. please click the image to enlarge and see how detailed this drawing is. Thank you for the visits :D and keep a look out for more of my original female manga characters.

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