Manga Girl Pin Up: Shoe Fall Off

I guess this might as well be my intro to woman's shoe design. It is my original mules with 2 horizontal holes on each shoe (see the one on air falling down, its much clearer). One big oval shaped at the front, and one small same oval shaped at heel back part of the shoe. Heart shape button on the strap, which I believe it already has been thought of, if I am not mistaken. I decided to keep this drawing simple, but yet somewhat happy and sexy. Woman's legs are nice and have much sex appeal when they are so curvy. The girl here might just be showing that, hehe!

I have searched for manga girls pin up on the internet (original characters only) and have come up with poor results. I am always trying to do different types of things to my drawings and so, I get inspired looking at others people work. If anyone knows more about original manga girls pin ups, place your link below the post for me to check it.

This piece wasn't that bad to create. After scanning the original sketch, it was only edited, and coloured on Photoshop CS Software. I hope it is of your liking.

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