Harley Quinn - Fan Art

Harley Quinn, she and the Joker make a good combo, she is evil, but funny at the same time. I gotta say I loved her in Batman, the animated series aired a while back. She and Poison Ivy were a good team too. She is kinda sexy and so I show that here, where she enjoys the outdoors to the max, and as of now, with this heat, I would also love to be at the beach. hehe! 8D

Took me quite some time to do this fan art piece. After doing the sketch, I scanned it, and then came the hard part which was editing and putting in some colors on it. I had fun creating it though, but really much time consuming. Some background elements were created in 3ds Max software, such as chair, table and what seems to be a pergola.

She is in a bikini here, but I did not entirely wanted to take off her whole costume. Just with the mask, it lets everyone know who she is.

Thanks all for your visit :D I hope you liked my art.

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