Girlfight - Fierce Sexy Girl Encounter

To the right is Michelle Strong, wearing a pink top and blue bottoms and in blue sandals.  She likes ice cream, loves biking on mountains, watches garfield on tv, she also likes action movies and animes.  Her favorite type of music is alternative rock.  Her fighting discipline is ju jit tsu.  here are more facts about Michelle:
Age: 21
Height: 5.3 ft
Weight: 112 lbs
Special Fighting Move: Michelle Right Mega Punch!

To the left is Sofia Galiga, wearing green top, purple bottom and sandals.  She likes to draw caricatures, designing women's footwear, plays basketball, addicted to reality shows on tv, and romantic animes, she also likes animals.  Her favorite type of music is jazz.  Her fighting discipline is karate.  Here are more facts about Sofia:
Age: 21
Height: 5.4 ft
Weight: 110 lbs
Special Fighting Move: Sofia Triangle Attack

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