Muñecota (Giant Doll)

Muñecota; meaning: "Giant Doll"
Quite frankly I think I was driven to do a giantess picture (Of course this is not the first one I have ever done) seen some of my friends do it in Deviant Art, so, I decided I might as well jump in the wagon. hehe!

Ok. She is a live gigantic creature. Her background history is still unknown. This was her first and only appearance: near the "Cancun" beach in Mexico. She came out of the waters, like that of any footage seen of Godzilla. Her exact height is still unknown, but calculate about 130 feet.

At this moment she has not shown to have hostile or aggressive behavior. No buildings have been damage, as she seems to be careful where she lands her feets. After a few hours on the bright sun (between 12 a.m. to 2 p.m that day) she left going inside the ocean. There is no trace of her anywhere now, and some hope she will never come back again.

More about this pic: don't worry! There were no casualties. The place here was evacuated a little while after her arrival. and was so the few following days, just in case she came back. The shot here by local helicopter reporters.

All art and story by me.
Thank you all for the visits :D

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